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Car air conditioner broken | Just as summer is coming!

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Broken car air conditioner?

Broken car air conditioner? Then contact us! Other problems? Koops Autoschade also helps with:

  • Paint damage
  • Align
  • Asterisk in your window
  • Replace lamp

Of course we can do much more! Wondering if we can help you? Then get in touch.

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When the warm days arrive again, you can really cherish an air conditioner in your car. It sometimes seems unthinkable that people are still driving around in a car without air conditioning, especially when the temperature is heading towards a heat wave. It is therefore very disappointing when you find out that your air conditioning has failed. Chances are therefore that you want to have it made as soon as possible. Air conditioning car broken and you need a good address? Then contact Koops Autoschade. They are happy to help you!

What's wrong with my air conditioner?
The air conditioner can sometimes be quite a thing. It can cause various problems. For example, nothing can happen when you press the air conditioning button, but it can also be the case that the air that comes out is anything but cold! We also regularly see that the air conditioner spreads a very nasty smell. All problems that you don't want when the mercury rises.

But what should I do now?

A bad smell can often be prevented by turning off the air conditioning about ten minutes before arrival. In this way it blows itself dry, so that bacteria and fungi don't get a chance to spread unpleasant odors. There are also means with which you can clean the air conditioner. Is your air conditioner not working at all? Then a visit to the garage is unfortunately unavoidable. These can sometimes be quite expensive repairs. Is your air conditioning no longer working and do you first want to know exactly what it will cost you? We understand that all too well. Feel free to visit us. We'll look into the problem and let you know which part is defective and what the cost will be. You can then think for yourself whether you think these repair costs are worth it. Does your air conditioner not get cold? Then it may be that the coolant has run out or needs to be topped up. We can also do this for you.

Problems with the air conditioning? Contact us now!