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Car damage repair Groningen | Koops Automotion

Autoschade herstel Groningen

Car damage repair Groningen?

Damage to your car? Koops Autoschade helps with:

  • Paint damage
  • Dents
  • Asterisk in your window
  • Replace lamp

Of course we can do much more! Wondering if we can help you? Then get in touch.

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An accident is in a small corner.

Sooner or later we will all (unfortunately) have to deal with this directly or indirectly. Whether it's a collision with the neighbor's mailbox or a double somersault into the ditch. Obviously, no one is waiting for either situation. Even a small accident can take up a lot of time. Everything has to be arranged and sometimes we can't use our beloved vehicle for a while. Not to mention the emotional value we attach to the animal.

Many people do not know exactly what steps to take when they have damage to their car. Koops Autoschade knows better than anyone how annoying this can be and we are happy to help you with a proper settlement. We also take care of your insurance-related concerns. Car damage repair Groningen? Please feel free to contact us.

Curious what we can do for you?

What kind of damage can I contact Koops Autoschade with?

You can go to Koops Autoschade for various damage repair work. Both cosmetic and complex damage. Are you wondering whether you can contact us with your damage? Some examples of claims we handle are:

  • Scratches in the paint, repair paint damage
  • Dents from parking or other dents
  • Damage from hail
  • Stone chips
  • Dent removal of the car
  • Repair stars in the front or rear window
  • Repair damage to the rims
  • Replace lamps
  • Interior repairs such as damage to the car upholstery or dashboard

Questions? Feel free to ask them using the form below.