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Paint sealing at Koops Automotion


Paint sealant from ProTech Monte-Carlo

Protech Paint Sealant has many advantages:

  • Better protected against external influences
  • Deep shine
  • 5 year written guarantee on the treatment
  • Both for new and used cars

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A car is a precious possession for many people. And that is why you prefer to be on the road as much as possible. But when a car hits the road, the chance of stone chips or other damage to the paint increases. And that is precisely something that many car owners are not waiting for. Do you want to prevent this? Then the paint sealant from ProTech Monte-Carlo is the solution. By having ProTech paint sealant applied to your car, you are assured of paint that remains as new and you significantly reduce the risk of damage to your paint. Read more below.

Your paint layer will last longer with the paint sealant from ProTech


Car paint lasts longer

The paint sealant from ProTech is of high quality. When you choose to apply this protection, your car will undergo a treatment that will keep the paint much longer. This is done by applying a transparent top layer to the original paint that protects against all external influences. Think for example of resin, stones, but also sun. The top layer is provided with a UV filter, which protects the original paint layer against the sun. This way the paint stays like new. And due to the smooth properties of the top layer, dirt and rain have no chance to adhere.

How does ProTech paint sealant work?

When you have the ProTech system installed on your car, your car goes through the following three steps:

  • To improve the adhesion of the protection system, we carry out surface remediation
  • After the remediation, we apply the protective layer that prevents aging of the paint layer and preserves the shine
  • After applying the protective layer, a hydrophobic/oleophobic active coating is applied to the car to guarantee the anti-adhesive and anti-pollution effect

Paint sealing: for both new and used cars

Free ProTech maintenance products

With a ProTech paint sealing system, the car is not only much better protected, but it is also easier to maintain. All you have to do is spray the car regularly with a high-pressure cleaner. Do you want to give your car just a little more love? Then use the ProTech maintenance products. To get acquainted with these maintenance products, you will receive a free contemporary ProTech maintenance case with a personal code with every ProTech paint treatment. This gives you a discount on various ProTech maintenance products.

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